Boeing faces cancellations for 787s

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[b]Boeing faces cancellations for 787s[/b]

Boeing has about 110 787s in inventory, representing the suspension of deliveries since October 2020. [i]LNA[/i] understands that one major customer sees as many as half of these aircraft as subject to cancellation before deliveries resume.  No date has been set for resumption. But, based on information [i]LNA[/i] has obtained as affected airlines look for substitute lift, it may be well into the first quarter of 2022 before Boeing begins clearing this inventory.
Boeing, and airlines, are shopping for available 777-300ERs to provide substitute lift for the grounded 787s. Some airlines seek long-term leases, suggesting cancellations are possible. As the delivery delays pass 9-12 months, customers are able to cancel the aircraft–even if built.


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